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Outdoor Feng Shui Tips – 3 Action Tips for Greater Energy and Positive Chi

Outdoor Feng Shui enhancements are often overlooked by those wishing to improve their lives and immediate living spaces. Feng Shui definitely has applications for the exterior areas surrounding your home or office that you'll want to consider!

If you read the article on Feng Shui basics you'll recall that a primary goal of Feng Shui is to help you create the ideal environment in which to thrive - not only inside your dwelling but in the surrounding area and terrain of your home.

Let’s explore a few Feng Shui outdoor enhancement tips for applying Feng Shui outside your home – for better health, harmony and elimination of negative chi!

#1 – Outside Influences Can Negatively Affect Energy

The areas immediately surrounding your home or office impact your subconscious as well as your overall health and ability to attract positive outcomes. For example, if you live directly across from a cemetery (or there’s one next door to you) – the energy of death and decay is in close proximity, which can make you and family members depressed or ill. 

bagua mirror To remedy this situation, a simple option is to place a Chinese Ba-gua mirror (emblem of good fortune that wards off bad luck) centered over the front entrance to your home and positioned in the direction of the negative influence.

Ba-gua mirrors are an inexpensive solution for reversing and reflecting away the effects of negative Sha – the

opposite of positive Chi energy.

If you perceive that your home is being threatened in any way, the outdoor placement of a good quality Ba-gua mirror as described is recommended.

You can usually purchase Ba-gua mirrors for under $10.00 from a Chinese market or from vendors online.

#2 – The Quality of Your Street Energy

Amazingly enough, the type of street you live on makes a difference when it comes to the positive energy available to enter through your front door into your home! Let’s pretend for a moment that you live on a “dead end” street.

This “idea” of dead end…this is a subtle yet powerful thought within your mind. It has meaning for you and impacts your life circumstances because your house is located physically on a “dead end” road.

Because of this fact, your life could very well be in parallel with the quality of your street…having ground to a screeching halt and resting peacefully on a dead end going nowhere fast!

Feng Shui would suggest that you work to revitalize and step up the surrounding energy if you live on a dead end road so that things can get moving again – which in turn will aid the flow of wealth and opportunity coming your way.

If your yard has clutter of any kind, a step in the right direction is to remove it promptly and do a total yard clean up! Trim any trees that need trimming – if you see dead branches remove them and give your yard a good raking (if it’s not the middle of winter, that is!).

Since the energy of the “dead end” has also subtly impacted your neighbors – if they have clutter close to your house, encourage them to clear it away. Even offer to help them – organize a neighborhood get together and have a “clearing away the junk” party!

#3 – Planting Trees the Feng Shui Way

For centuries the Chinese believed one of the best locations for a home was facing south with a large mountain just behind. This position was most desirable because the cold winds from the north were blocked, as were potential invaders from swooping down and attacking undetected.


SIDENOTE:  As a child we often took summer vacations on a large lake in southeastern Ontario. One rustic camping spot on the lake was owned by a local farmer…we used to have small picnics there and swim to our heart’s content!

I was drawn to it as it was the perfect spot for a cottage. It faced the southwest overlooking the water, it had a beautiful rock formation that was a natural protection for dockage from the wind, and there was a large hill directly behind the lot…on the north side! Little did I know at the time how this cottage lot was perfectly designed according to Feng Shui!

To establish support for your home much in the way a mountain would, an option is to plant trees along the back of your property, especially if other natural or architectural support is missing. In addition to providing this protection and feeling of safety, trees are desirable for many other reasons – privacy, wind block, positive life energy, etc.

The distance you plant trees from your home should be reasonable – don’t plant them too closely as this can create a choking affect, along with the threat of tree roots disturbing the foundation of the house.

Feng Shui experts encourage people to plant more evergreen trees, rather than trees such as maples that lose their leaves in the fall. The evergreens display signs of life year round – great symbols to adorn your property!


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