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Feng Shui Money Tips…Toasting Ten Dollar Bills in a Temple for Pleasure?


The late Nina Wang, considered Asia’s richest woman and heiress of the Teddy Wang Chinachem Group fortune had great fun toasting ten dollar bank notes with Tony Chan Chun, a former bartender now turned Feng Shui master in a temple after a cozy boat cruise together!

At least that’s the testimony according to Chan in June of 2009 in a Hong Kong high court, who also claims to have been Wang’s lover. The legal battle for Nina’s billions rages on, as Chan and the Chinachem Charitable Foundation duke it out over who will inherit the vast fortune.  

It’s a sensational fight that has captured the attention of Hong Kong media and continues to rage as Chan continues to liquidate assets to keep the fight alive.

Feng Shui master Chan claims that he never instructed Wang to burn real money as part of any ritual in special Feng Shui holes that were dug on several of Wang’s properties…instead he claims to have advised placing jade pieces for good luck.

There are masters who teach bolstering the energy of a missing Gua by “planting” a quartz crystal a couple of inches below the ground with the pointed end toward the sky…as this will symbolically help to push and strengthen Chi in the missing area.

But you definitely don’t want to “destroy” wealth (not that many of us are in the habit of burning money!)…even symbolically. What are some of the right messages you can send to the universe then…real Feng Shui money tips that help to attract wealth and generate cash flow?

  • Display treasures in your prosperity region. Treasures are things that you love to see, hear, feel or hold a special memory. These can be collections from past travels, photographs, artwork, semi precious stones or a coin collection. Each room in your home has a “wealth corner” that you can enhance with your treasures, to strength the prosperity throughout your home.
  • Placing artwork or other pictures. Choose things that help you visualize prosperity and wealth flowing to you. What also works well are pictures or artful representations of things you’d like to purchase or places you wish to visit.
  • Decorate with blue tones, purples or reds. These are the colors that hold more of the energy of prosperity. This can be painting walls with these colors, window enhancements or draping colorful fabrics over furniture that contains these colors.

The Top Feng Shui Money Tip of All

The core concept to understand and focus upon when cultivating for wealth, is gratitude. A grateful heart sets up the correct energy, and sends the right messages to the universe for wealth attraction. This is your inner Feng Shui work that will multiply prosperity many times over.

Remember that money is only a small fraction of your total wealth. Create a gratitude list of the people you care about and the blessings that come your way each day. Add to this list on a regular basis…actually write it out instead of on the computer if possible. Create a wealth affirmation for yourself, and as you add to your gratitude list, take a few moments to write out your affirmation a couple of times each day.

When you experience gratitude…you experience results! 


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